nopCommerce Tips: Offering Special Prices to Premium Customers, Part 2

In our last article, we talked about how to create special customer groups, in order to offer premium pricing for customer loyalty. If you’ve got a lot of products in your nopCommerce-based store, this could become problematic if you’re wanting to provide discounts on many products. It may be better to simply offer discounts on a category basis; however, there’s still the matter of offering the price breaks to your most loyal customers only. Let’s take a look at how we can offer that via nopCommerce.

We’ll use the same special customer group we created in the last article; if you’re coming directly to this article first, I recommend referencing the steps highlighted there.

Log into your nopCommerce instance, and access the Admin section. Go to Catalog/Categories/List, and select “Edit” next to a category; you’ll see a tab labeled “ACL” (an acronym for “access control list”). Click the tab, and check “Subject to ACL”; a list of roles will appear. Check your custom customer role, and click “Save”. Log out of your nopCommerce site, and attempt to access that category – you’ll now see that it’s no longer accessible to anyone that isn’t logged in as a member of that special group.

How can you use this technique to offer special prices to your preferred customers? Let’s return to the admin section, and back to “Categories”. We’ll create a new category, called “Special Deals”. Remember that products can be listed under multiple categories, so you can add your products you want to provide loyalty discounts to this category. You can then apply a discount to this specific category, and limit the category’s access to your special customer group – so only they will see the special discount prices for that category.

Providing customer loyalty discounts is another way to promote repeat customer business, and improve your store’s overall bottom line.


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