nopCommerce Tips: How to Use Google AdWords with nopCommerce

If you’re leveraging Google AdWords to make your nopCommerce-based e-commerce site more effective in terms of conversions to paid customers, you may want to be able to incorporate a variety of keywords, based on your products and whether or not you’re targeting more than one key market. Let’s look at how you can combine the power of Google AdWords and nopCommerce.

We’ll work on the supposition that you’ve already got your Google AdWords account set up, and your keywords selected. The tough part about tracking your conversions is that it’s not always a one-to-one connection between the words you used, and the category/product you want targeted. That’s where the free plugin for nopCommerce at helps out. In the words of the plugin creator, Nicolas Muniere, “You need to include in your pages a tracking script. This script includes a label which can be different on any page, in case you are on the classic conversion page (checkout/completed) or you are on a page you want to do remarketing.

All these scripts are provided in adwords console, but it’s difficult to insert them with different labels and conversion value. The module gives you a simple way to include these scripts in your site.”

In order to install the plugin, you’ll want to download it from CodePlex, and copy it into your plugins folder, in the same manner as other plugins. Restart your application via the nopCommerce admin, then re-load your plugins; the new plugin should then be ready for installation.

After this, it’s a simple matter to add your keywords and conversion values as needed, in order to more accurately track how well your AdWords translate to product sales. Use this to fine-tune your marketing campaign, and improve the profitability of your site.


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