nopCommerce Tips: How to Upsell Your Products in nopCommerce

So – once we have products loaded up into nopCommerce, the next step is to associate related and “cross-sell” products, in order to create an “upsell” opportunity. Examples would be a matching belt or purse for a pair of shoes, or a sheet set that matches a duvet. We’ll cover how to provide those additional purchase options in nopCommerce.

You’re probably wondering what’s the difference between “Related Products” and “Cross-Sell” items; simply put, in the nopCommerce context, the “Related Products” will display on the page of the product itself, while the “Cross-Sell” products will appear at the bottom of the shopping cart, once you’ve started your checkout process. You can have the same products in both areas, or use the “cross-sell” to highlight products currently on sale that would appeal to the same demographic as the product in the cart, such as a gaming headset for customers purchasing a PC MMO.

Let’s start by navigating to the Administration section of your nopCommerce site; once there, we’ll move along to “Catalog”>”Products”>”Manage Products”.  It might be helpful to already have a listing of products that are related to one another, so that you’re not spending quite so much time searching.

On your product list, select your primary product, such as a duvet, or tent – whatever’s relevant to the products you’re working with. If you have an extensive list of products, use the “Product Name” search at the top of your product list – it’ll return all the products that match your search query, which can save you a great deal of time.

Click on the “Edit” link next to your product, and on the next page, click on the tab “Related Products”. Click the button for “Add new related product”, then select the related products you wish to associate with your current product. When you’ve completed that, click the “Save and Continue Editing” button.  Follow these same steps for the “Cross-sells” items for your product, then click the “Save” button.

Now you’ve taken the first step in leveraging the advanced tools available in nopCommerce – here’s to increased sales!


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