nopCommerce Tips: How to Set Special Shipping Options

One of my nopCommerce customers is a milliner, who makes custom hats. If you’re in any way familiar with fashion, you’ll know that not all hats are created equal, and that goes for their shipping costs and requirements as well. We’ll cover how to accommodate these special shipping costs in nopCommerce.

A soft cloth cap can be packaged in a padded envelope, while a full tophat must be shipped in a sturdy box, which of course will be much more expensive. This means that products with such a wide range of shipping costs and needs have to be factored differently. Thankfully, nopCommerce provides a means of allowing for additional shipping costs for these special items, over and above the standard shipping rate calculations based on purchase price, etc.

In the nopCommerce administration area, go to “Catalog”>”Products”>”Manage Products”, and locate your “special shipping” item. Click the “Edit” link, and on the next page, click the “Product Variant” tab. In most cases, there’s only one variant per product, unless you’ve set the product up otherwise.

Click the “Edit” link next to the product variant you want to set the special shipping rate for. Scroll down about 2/3 of the way down the page, and look for the phrase “Additional shipping charge”.  You’ll see a text box next to it – here, you’ll want to enter the amount you need to charge for the additional shipping costs of the product. You’ll notice that right below that section is a series of options to enter the exact dimensions of the item – if your item is rather large, it may be helpful to enter the dimensions here. Be sure to click “Save” when you’re done, in order to retain your changes.

One caveat about “additional shipping charges”; by default, nopCommerce will not combine shipping cost if two of the same item are ordered, even if you’re able to ship the items together. Thus, if the user is purchasing 2 top hats, for instance, they’ll be charged the additional shipping costs for both hats, even if they can be sent in the same (large, reinforced) box.


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