nopCommerce Tips: How to Import Products

nopCommerce provides an incredibly robust e-commerce experience, not only for the customers who buy products, but for the store owner who uses the nopCommerce admin interface to manage their online store. Today, we’ll cover one of the basic steps to taking your nopCommerce store online – adding products.

In this article, we’ll cover how to use the features that are native to nopCommerce for this task. In the future, we’ll cover third-party products such as NopAdmin that also provide product import capabilities,

Before we get started on the products themselves, let’s determine what your product categories are going to be, and get them set up. While it’s not mandatory to have categories associated with your products initially, it’s a huge time-saver to have the categories identified and associated with the products if you’re doing a bulk import.

Take some time to get your product categories identified, and in a format that you’ll be able to refer to as you get them entered into nopCommerce. Do you have your list of product categories set up? Fabulous! Let’s get on to the next step – creating your import document.

Navigate to your nopCommerce site, and log in as an admin. Navigate to the nopCommerce Administration section, and mouse over “Catalog”, then “Categories”; click “List”. Click the button on the top right that says “Add New”.  Enter all your category information, and click “Save”. Once you’ve added all your categories, return to the category list, and click “Export to XML”. The XML document will show you the list of categories, with the ID that you’ll want to associate with your products. (Yes, you can associate the products with the categories after the product import, but if you’ve got a *lot* of products, this is more tedious than can be described. I did a 7,000+ product import for one client – I assure you, getting your categories worked out first is a huge timesaver.)

Now that we’ve got our categories and IDs attended to, let’s get a template for the product import. Hover your mouse over “Catalog” again, then “Products” – click on “Manage Products”. Let’s add one product manually, so there will be a product entry in the database. Once you’ve done that, return to the product list, and click the button on the upper right labeled “Export to Excel (All)”.  Save the exported Excel spreadsheet, and then open it in Excel.  You’ll see your previously entered product and all its attributes. This is your guideline on how to enter the rest of your products. If you’ve already got them in a different spreadsheet, and you’re handy with Excel, you can use Excel’s features to import your product information into the spreadsheet provided by the nopCommerce export.

Once you’ve got all your product information inserted into the spreadsheet (be sure to associate your category ID’s with your products), it’s time for the last step – the import. If you’ve left the nopCommerce admin section, return to “Catalog” >”Products” > “Manage Products”.  Click the button labeled “Import from Excel”; a popup modal will appear that will instruct you to select your product Excel sheet, and allow you to import your products. It may take a few moments, so be patient. Once the import is complete, the page will refresh, and you’ll see your products listed there. You’ve got products!


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  1. Hi Carole,
    I just wanted to say a quick Thank you for this brief and clear tips on nopCommerce import. I’m working for a client for the first time and I’m no techie. Client didn’t provide me category name/id and I also need to add manufacturer name/id. I was looking for what or how these can be done easily and your tips will save a great deal of my time 🙂 Thank you!

    • You’re absolutely welcome, Saidul. Always remember that your clients are really good at what they do, but they hire us because we’re good at the things they aren’t. Good luck!

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