nopCommerce Tips: How to Create Special Offers in nopCommerce

Nothing inspires shoppers like a sale, or special offer – I’m inclined to believe that a love of bargains is baked into our DNA somewhere along the line. That being said, there are a number of great ways to provide special offers for your customers using nopCommerce – let’s cover a few of those today.

Free Shipping

Free shipping may not sound like much, but it can make the difference between “buy it now!” and “maybe next time”; one of the most popular e-commerce sites in the world,, uses free “super saver” shipping as a deal-closer by offering it for purchases over $25.00. You can make the same incentive available to your customers via the “Promotions” area in the nopCommerce Administration area.

Hover over the “Promotions” tab, and select “Discounts”. Click the “Add New” button; enter a unique name for your discount, and select “Assigned to Shipping” from the dropdown. Check “Use Percentage”, and enter “100”; enter your start and end dates, and the discount limitation. Click “Save and Continue Edit”, then click on the “Requirements” tab. In the drop-down, select “customer had spent x.xx amount”, and enter the minimum amount of purchase. Click the “save” button next to the requirement, then the “Save” button at the top right.

Another way to offer free shipping is to check the “Free Shipping” for a specific product variant; select your product, navigate to the “Product Variant”, and scroll down to the bottom of the page – you’ll see the option there.


You can also set discounts based on amount of purchase (total or subtotal), a particular product or category, or a simple percentage discount to be applied at time of purchase.  You can even create discount codes, for better tracking of promotional activities such as advertisements, social media efforts, or affiliate activity. Follow the same steps as “Free Shipping”, instead choosing one of the other options available.


Dedicated bargain-hunters are always on the lookout for markdowns; nopCommerce provides this capability at the product variant level. A permanent markdown can be indicated by entering an “Old price” value, in addition to the price. This will display as the “old price” being marked through, with the “new” price being the purchase price. In addition, you can set a limited time “special price” – just select a start and finish date, and the text box for the “special price” value will appear. Make your changes to your product, and click “Save”.

These are all ways you can use nopCommerce to provide a more compelling purchase option for your customers – happy selling!


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