nopCommerce Tips: Configuring Your E-Mail Settings

One of the important things that can be overlooked when deploying a nopCommerce-based site is the e-mail settings. If these aren’t properly configured, you’ll never receive notifications of purchases, requests from customers, or other important site communication. Here’s how to set that up.

Log in to your nopCommerce installation as an administrator, and navigate to the Admin section. Under Configuration, select “E-Mail Accounts”.

Configuration/E-Mail Accounts

At this point, you’ll see a number of e-mail accounts have been set up, but only to a “” account. Remove any account roles you don’t plan on using, and update the rest with the proper e-mail account information.

E-Mail Settings

You might be a bit confused if you’ve never configured your mail server information before. Most web mail servers can be accessed using “webmail.*yourdomain” – check with your hosting provider to confirm which one to use. It’s always a good idea to have a dedicated e-mail strictly for the use of the website; if you don’t have one set up, this would be a good time to do so. Once you’ve entered all the information, click “Save and Continue Edit”; you’ll need to do this before you test the e-mail settings by sending out a test e-mail.

Now that’s all done, you’ll want to set a default e-mail account – that’s the one that every communication from the website (orders, contact form, forum, etc.) will default to.

Pro tip: If you want to confirm that e-mails are going out, or confirm when a purchase confirmation e-mail was sent, go to “System”/”Message Queue”. Set your date range, and leave “:” checked. If you see your e-mail, some troubleshooting is in order. If not, uncheck “:”, and search again. If you see your e-mail, click “Edit” to see all details.


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