nopCommerce Tips: Configuring PayPal and nopCommerce

PayPal is one of the most widely accepted methods of online payment in the world; it only makes sense that many e-commerce sites use it as a means of accepting payment from their customers. Today, we’ll go over how to integrate PayPal payment processing with your nopCommerce site.

PayPal Setup:

  1. Log into your PayPal account; under the “My Account” tab, select “Profile”>”My Selling Tools”.
  2. Under the section “My business setup”, you’ll see “Website preferences” – click “Update” on this line
  3. Turn “Auto-return” to “On”, and enter “http://{YourStoreURL}/PaypalPDTHandler.aspx” for “Return URL”
  4. Turn “Payment Data Transfer” to “On”
  5. All entries below this are optional, based upon your business requirements.
  6. Click “Save”

For nopCommerce:

log into your nopCommerce instance as an administrator, and navigate to the Administration area. Click on “Configuration”>”Payment Methods”: click on the “Configure” link next to the entry for “PayPal Standard”.

  1. Uncheck the box “Use Sandbox”
  2. Enter your PayPal account e-mail address for “Business E-Mail”
  3. Next you’ll enter your “Identity Token” you’ll obtain from your PayPal account into the field “PDT Identity Token”
  4. Leave “:” checked
  5. If you wish to charge an additional surcharge for PayPal transactions, add your surcharge to “:”
  6. Check both “:”, and “:”
  7. For “IPN Handler”, enter “http://{YourStoreURL}/Plugins/PaymentPayPalStandard/IPNHandler”
  8. Click “Save”.


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10 Comments on nopCommerce Tips: Configuring PayPal and nopCommerce

  1. Dave says:

    Are these instructions for Standard, Express or Pro? In the live environment or in Sandbox?

    I’m struggling somewhat to get Paypal standard working from a local host installation, not sure what the IPN handle should be?


    • Dave – these instructions were written for setting up PayPal Standard, in a live environment. The IPN won’t work for a localhost – you’ll need to implement on a live-hosted site. It should probably work for a sub-domain (I haven’t tested that scenario yet) – you could try that, and see if that sort of testing environment will work for you.

  2. Dave says:

    Thanks Carol,

    I’m almost there with the site and it’s not active yet so I think the easiest thing for me would be to finish configuring my site on local host, roll it out and then follow your instructions.

    I’m quite new at this and battling to get good info so thanks for your advice. I’ve tried configuring it so many different ways I suspected it needed to be in the live environment and you have confirmed for me.

    Again thanks very much!

  3. You’re quite welcome. It’s always the little things that give us the biggest grief – good luck with your go-live!

  4. jeffahart says:

    Have you setup IPN with paypal pro. I have the basic credit card API working but I want to make sure I get any other notifications from Paypay as well.
    Do you know if the listener will pickup requests from paypal and have the paypaldirect code in nopcommere process data, or do I need to hack at the paypalDirect code in some way. I will have to admit I have not looked at the code, and I don’t want to unless I really have to.

    Plus This is my first venture into an ecommerce cart and I am not exactly posititve on the business flow. At first I figured just fire at Paypal through the API gateway and if creditcard is accepted then all is good. Now I’m finding out if I don’t get IPN running I will only have half the solution automated, and possibly leavie a bunch of manual house keeping step from within Paypay console.

    When I tested the IPN test a paypay Sanbox I got the Internal Server 500 Error. Error was not in history but I don’t think the request made it out of Paypal. I have a note into paypal support so hopefull I can get it to a posative fail and work from the nopComm end.

    Any help appreciated.

    • Jeff,

      None of my clients who use PayPal are using Pro at this time, so my experience with that is limited. To get past the 500 error, access your web.config file in your nopCommerce installation, and look for the following line:

      Change the mode to “Off”, and reset your nopCommerce application from the admin. You’ll be able to see the exact error message during your sandbox transaction, and you can troubleshoot further from there.

  5. jeffahart says:

    Thanks for your fast response and kind help. The 500 error is returned to PayPal. Just an FYI on the actual test I am doing. I am going into my test store acct in paypal sandbox and initiating a refund to a test buyer transaction. This creates a refund for the test buyer transaction. But the refund is not posted to nopcomm, no errors anywhere in paypal . Where I get the 500 error is from the PayPal “Instant Payment Notification (IPN) simulator” used to test IPN in Paypal. It returns the 500 error. So this is all happening nopcomm offline on backend services.

    What I did find out, as I found the arvixe logs in my web acct, is the initial hit to my site from paypal is being kicked back by arvixe server.

    I am able to see the IPN transaction in the IPN histroy in Paypal with the 500 response.

    I will post what the actually resolution is when I, hopefull, get the feature running.

    Always learning!

    Thanks again!

  6. jeffahart says:

    Post Mortem:

    The issue was a bad path. I had two stacked Plugins directories. And only the lower plugins dir had the dlls. But the app ran fine, except for the IPNHandler. I could make payments and communicate both ways with PayPal via the PayPalDirect API. How I found my messed up Dir structure was when I put a simple file in the plugins dir to hit from my browser. Then realized my structure was wrong.
    But why did the PayPalDirect API work for payments and two way communication but not the IPN calls from paypal? My best guess, since I cannot trace the code is: The difference between Route and Path. PayPal Requests were getting routed but somewhere in the IPNHandler code it must be negotiating a path somewhere and failing due to the bad Dir Structure.
    My best guess but I works great now.


  7. Abid says:

    Can you please tell me the difference between paypal standard and paypal express, can i activate both at a times, can paypal standard be used only for payment cards?
    Abid Ali

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