nopCommerce Tips: 4 Ways Not To Install nopCommerce

When you’re first learning to work with nopCommerce, you tend to do a lot of things, during the learning process. Kick the tires, so to speak, to see what you can and can’t do with it. Today, based on some recent questions and issues I’ve seen lately, we’re going to touch on some ways *not* to install nopCommerce.

1. Do not install nopCommerce on a hosting plan that won’t scale – quite often, in an attempt to save money, nopCommerce users will attempt to use it on the least expensive shared hosting package available. This is roughly like using a bicycle to try to tow a car – it’s just not equipped to do what you’re asking it to. nopCommerce is a very powerful and robust e-commerce application, and requires both physical space and memory sufficient to support its needs. If you’re activating the mobile support, it’s even more imperative that you choose a hosting package with sufficient “oomph” to allow it to run smoothly.

2. Do not install nopCommerce on a “live server” without testing it locally – if you’ve never installed nopCommerce before, don’t install it directly to a “live” hosting site without having downloaded it and run it on your local environment first. There are many features you need to know and understand before trying to actively use it, and many aspects that can (and will) break if certain settings are not configured appropriately. If you take the time to get to know the software locally, you’ll be much better prepared to recognize any of the same issues that arise on your hosting environment.

3. Do not install nopCommerce on an existing instance of another application – don’t try to install nopCommerce on the same database as another web-based application; it’s very likely that you’ll not only end up with a bad installation, but ruin your existing application as well.

4. Do not install nopCommerce on an existing instance of nopCommerce without a test run – nopCommerce is a great application, but has a very aggressive evolutionary rate. Thus, upgrades for more than 1-2 versions may require extensive manual tweaking. You do not want to do this without a trial run, to be able to identify any potential issues. Make a backup of both database and website, deploy to a safe testing environment, *then* run your upgrade. If it goes smoothly, you’re good to go. If it doesn’t, at least you know, and haven’t taken out a live site.

If you avoid these 4 scenarios, you are far more likely to have a successful and pleasant experience with nopCommerce. Good luck!


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