Non-Secure Connection in WebsitePanel

In this quick article, I will talk about the “Non-Secure Connection” message on the WebsitePanel login page.

Not Secure Login

Not Secure Login

Some users did not know what that message meant. It means that you are trying to log into your WebsitePanel account without https, it doesn’t mean your site is not secure. To solve this just make sure that you put “https://” in the address bar of your web browser:

Secure login (HTTPS)

Secure login (HTTPS)

And that’s it! You will log into your account under a secure connection

This concludes Non-secure connection in WebsitePanel

Manage MIME Types with IIS 7 Manager


Sunday,12 January 2014 06 00 AM

MIME types are a standard form of classifying file types or extension on the internet. These are very useful because it helps identify the data stored on a file. In a previous article, we talked about how to manage MIME types on your ASP/Windows account using WebsitePanel. In this article I am going to give you a step by step guide on how to manage MIME types using IIS 7 Manager.

1. Connect to your website using IIS 7 Manager. You need to enable remote management via WebsitePanel before using IIS Manager. If you don’t know how to connect to your site with IIS Manager, please read this article.

2. Once connected, in the IIS 7 Manager, click on MIME Types to manage the file extensions:

IIS Mimetype arvixe tutorials

3. To add a new MIME type, go to menu “Actions -> Add…” :

IIS Add mime type

4. Type the file extension, the mime type and click ok:

IIS adding mimetype arvixe tutorials

5. To edit a mime type, select one and the go to menu “Actions -> Edit“:

edit mime type arvixe tutorials

6. To remove one, just select a MIME Type and go to menu “Actions -> Delete“:

edit mime type arvixe tutorials

To see a full list of MIME Types, click here.

This concludes Manage MIME Types with IIS 7 Manager

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Happy Hosting!

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