New Partnership with HubNami!

Hello fellow Arvixe users!

Today I would love to announce a new partnership that Arvixe has with a company called HubNami! We are very pleased to have made this partnership and we look forward to be working with them in the future!

However, we are here to discuss some things that they do and what they are all about! So let’s get started!

What is HubNami?

HubNami is an all in one social media tracking tool that allows you to track all of your impressions, for your business via one easy to use dashboard. They have created this tool so that it’s easy for small businesses the tools that they need in order to watch how their business is doing via all of the major social networking sites.

Some interesting facts about HubNami:

1. Reseller model focused so direct retail conversion to paid is currently at less than 5% (Hootsuite with 8 million users published stats that their conversions rate is right at about 5%).

2. Company started in February of 2014 and is growing very quickly.

3. They have a mix of both free and paying users. Paying users range anywhere from small business to enterprise. We currently don’t publish the exact number of clients we have, the number is quickly growing and we do pull in data for over 500,000 social media channels to service these clients.

What can it do for you?

With HubNami you can get all of your top social networks in one place using their easy to use dashboards that look like so:


It’s easy to use and easy to track your success and failures, and your ROI’s. It also allows you to track your competitors stat’s and track what they are doing Social Media wise.

So how can I join?

Well it’s quite easy! You just need to click right here!

Looking for quality HubNami Hosting? Look no further than Arvixe Web Hosting!

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