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Have you heard about new Google’s innovation? Something about a new concept of laptops? Well, I did a couple of days ago and the concept was pretty interesting. This computers will for sure cause a big discussion if they are good or not, efficient, useful or useless, etc? Here I will give you some of the characteristics and reviews of this computers that I’ve seen.


I personally do  not own one of this Chromebooks. Most of the time when things like this a released, I like to wait for somebody close to me to get it then have a review directly for him, and if it’s possible, to use it by my own before buying it myself.

This laptops are between $349-$499USD, which is acceptable. The most catchy thing, for me, that they have, is that everything is stored in this Web Cloud, I mean there’s barely nothing stored in your computer, which of course would speed your computer because there won’t be no queries from your hard drive finding files, opening programs, etc. Everything is stored in the web, files, photos, docs, EVERYTHING! Therefore, at the moment you turn on your computer, you get connected wirelessly; some come in Wifi only, while some have 3G connection, too.


Another thing they claim to have, is the long battery duration. Your laptop can be 24hrs on with a moderate use.

I will list characteristics of the Chromebook:

  • Data saved online
  • Easy to manage, avoid having to organize your files locally
  • Comes with Wifi only or Wifi+3G capable
  • Long battery duration
  • Virus free
  • 8 seconds boot up, according to Google

Here are video introducing this new laptops:


If you have one of this new toys, I’d love to hear what you think about it, and give a review of it. I might get one of these soon, I really like this new concept Google has. Any comment would be great, what do you think about them? Why won’t you get it? Anything you would like to comment, do not hesitate to do it.


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