New Features of Alfresco 4.2 Version

Alfresco has recently released 4.2 community version I have installed it in my local to check various new features introduced in it I find it pretty interesting which is worth sharing so here it is it includes features brought forward from Alfresco in the cloud as well as new features that will be showing up in the next Enterprise release and many, many bug fixes from all the 4.X.Y Enterprise revisions that came before it.

Here are some of the attractive reasons you surely will be attract to install community 4.2.

1) New & Improved Google Docs Integration

This feature allows you to create a document or edit existing documents (or a spreadsheet or a presentation) in Google Docs in a single click, then save it back to Alfresco in a single click. Now ALFRESCO can be used as effective system for saving important Google Docs in true manner.

Google Docs Integration

Google Docs Integration

2)    Media Gallery View for Showing Images

This new version supports the standard Document Library features such as multi-file select, drag-and-drop upload and also new features such the ability to dynamically change the number and size of the thumbnail images that are displayed in real-time as well as easy way to find sort n recognize files (images, videos) will be advance feature through which one like to record his files in creative manner according to his need.

Alfresco Media Gallery View

Alfresco Media Gallery View

3)     Download multiple files as Zip & Quick Share

You simply select the content you want, then click Selected Items, Download as show in figure. The content items get compressed into a single zip and are then downloaded to your machine. In short when end users click on “share” on piece of content, Alfresco generates a shortened link which you can share to others via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.  When they click the link, they will able to preview the content or select multiple files and download them as a single zipped package. Now it will be very easy with the new ALFRESCO 4.2 to share content with anyone with this single click without modifying the access control list for the site, folder, or document.


4)      Desktop Sync

Desktop Sync client is a feature that works with Alfresco Community 4.2 or Alfresco Enterprise or Alfresco in the cloud.  Set-up your own Dropbox-like service for your company now, using Alfresco and Alfresco Desktop Sync.

These are few features I liked personally you can check it out yourself by installing 4.2 community version on your machine.

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