MySQL Database Backup with WebsitePanel

On a previous article we showed you how to create a backup of your MySQL database. Since we like to keep everything up to date, in this article I will give you an updated guide on how to properly create a backup of your MySQL database with WebsitePanel.Getting Started

1. Sign into your WebsitePanel Account.

2. Go to menu “Hosting Spaces -> Databases -> MySQL“:

Picture 5

3. Locate the database that you want to backup, and click on “Browse Database“:

browse database arvixe websitepanel mysql

4. PhpMyAdmin will open the database. Go to “Header Menu -> Export” to start the backup process. In this page, select “Quick” for “Export Method” and “SQL” for backup file format. Click on “Go” to create the backup:

backup page mysql arvixe websitepanel windows hosting

5. Wait for the process to finish and that’s it! The database backup will be created and ready for download on your PC:

backup created arvixe websitepanel sql mysql iis hosting

This Concludes MySQL Database Backup with WebsitePanel

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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2 Comments on MySQL Database Backup with WebsitePanel

  1. Florencia says:

    Can’t you do this with the backup button that is located on the Cpanel instead of having to go to PHPmyAdmin?

    • Alex says:


      In cPanel, yes you can. However this article relates to WebsitePanel which is the control panel we use across our Windows web hosting.

      cPanel is only available for Linux web hosting packages.

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