[MyBB] Rebuild & Recount Tool

An active community may find their forum counters not being so accurate such as total posts/threads etc… This is primarily caused when moderators delete posts/threads and the counters don’t update to reflect the new numbers. To fix this MyBB has built in a ‘Rebuild & Recount’ tool to fix just that.

  1. Login your MyBB admin control panel
  2. Navigate to: Tools & Maintenance (Top navigation menu) -> Recount & Rebuild (left sidebar navigation)
  3. Choose which counters you want to refresh (Whilst doing this I’d recommend just recounting them all)Available re-counters taken from the MyBB admin page:
    -Rebuild Forum Counters (When this is run, the post/thread counters and last post of each forum will be updated to reflect the correct values).
    -Rebuild Thread Counters (When this is run, the post/view counters and last post of each thread will be updated to reflect the correct values).
    -Recount User Post Counts (When this is run, the post count for each user will be updated to reflect its current live value based on the posts in the database, and forums that have post count disabled).
    -Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails (This will rebuild attachment thumbnails to ensure they’re using the current width and height dimensions and will also rebuild missing thumbnails)
    -Recount Statistics (This will recount and update your forum statistics on the forum index and statistics pages).

To save server resources it is recommended you use the default values specified in Data Entries Per Page, otherwise you may find yourself overloading the servers.

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