[MyBB] Installing Google Ads

In order for most communities to survive they need to be able to at least cover the costs of web hosting, VPS or dedicated servers. One of the most popular methods to do this is via advertising of which for the majority Google Adsense would be one of the better choices to go with.

Step 1: Creating a new advertising banner (Via Google Adsense)

  1. Login your Google Adsense account
  2. Click the “My Ads” button located in the header navigation menu
  3. Click “Create ad unit” & configure the ad unit to your liking and click “Save & Get Code” – A popup code should appear, copy this code into notepad ready to use later

Step 2: Implementing Google Adsense to your forums

  1. Login the admin area of your forum and navigate to: Templates & Styles (Header navigation) -> Templates (Sidebar navigation) -> Find the template you are using on your forum and click “Expand Templates”
  2. Depending on where you want your Google Adsense to appear you will select the template, for this article we’ll be inserting a Google Adsense banner at the top of every page on the forum (Under the navigation menu). To do this locate the “Header Templates” and expand it
  3. Under the “Header” tab click on the “Options” drop down menu and click “Full Edit”
  4. Choose where in the header you would like this banner to appear, for the most common used area this would be under the welcome block so locate:{$welcomeblock}
    </div>And under this paste your Google Adsense code you saved in Notepad (from step 1).
  5. Click “Save & Return to Listing”

Note 1: Google Adsense only permits 3 Google Ads per page, going over this will result in your account potentially being blocked.

Note 2: You can use an advertising plugin for a more extensive feature set (Adsense shown to specific groups, shown in special places etc… though this article shows you how to implement Google Ads using no plugins).

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