[MyBB] Automatic Daily Backups

It is important to keep daily backups of your forums as there is so many different things that could potentially happen to your forum from server hardware failure, hacking, rogue admins / mods etc… In this article I’ll show you how to automate your daily database backups.

  1. Login your MyBB admin area and navigate to: Tools & Maintenance -> Task Manager
  2. By default MyBB has a “Weekly Backups” task (non-active) so we’ll be editing that one, find the “Weekly Backups” in the table and click “Options -> Edit Task”
  3. Leave all the fields as they are (unless you know exactly what you’re doing) and only change the ones mentioned below:
    Field Name: Change this to “Daily Backups” (From “Weekly Backups”)
    Time: Weekdays: From this menu select “Every Weekday”
    Task Enabled: Check the “Yes” box
  4. Scroll down & click “Save Task”
  5. Next you will get a cron warning error, click “Yes”

Backups will now start saving in the /backups directory of MyBB. Remember to move them to your local computer or another server. Backups will render useless if they are save on the same server as your MyBB forums server and that server goes down.

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