Must Know TomatoCart Translation Rules

TomatoCart has offered two ways for users to translate TomatoCart software into multiple languages. People could either use the Online Translator tool (, or translate at private store administration panel. TomatoCart Online Translator (hereinafter “TOT” ) serves as a collaborative platform for multiple users to translate into multiple languages. It supports account creation, multiple roles, translating, export and import, help information etc.

Rules to translate or your account will be deactivated or even deleted:

  1. Machine translation is not welcome, especially using machine translating sentences.
  2. Do not translate word by word.
  3. Do not translate codename.
  4. If you don’t understand what an item exactly is in English, comprehend before translate or leave it to others, or still in English. You could learn from the site by searches and posts, from coordinators, administrators, or the team by messages and calls.
  5. If a shipping method, a payment gateway or something else is not seen or unpopular in the country speaking the exact language you are translating, leave it alone and let the administrator know. He/she will see to it. Probably it doesn’t need to be translated in that language pack.
  6. Refer to the English contexts and follow the style.
  7. If you are not interested in translating any more, or if you cannot afford it for quite a long time, your account could be deactivated or even deleted.

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