Moodle Enables You to Create Courses Easily

In the previous article, you have learned the steps required to install Moodle. In this article, I will examine the steps required to create a new course using Moodle.

(1) Login to Moodle dashboard using administrator username and password

(2) Select Courses link from the navigation panel located on the left side


(3) Click on the Add a new course button

(4) You will view a page with the title – Edit course settings

(5) Provide the required information such as course name and summary. You can also upload the required courses files such as corresponding source code files.


(6) You should also provide the required values by selecting the following options


(7) Finally, select Save Changes button

(8) You will view three options such as Participants, Badges and General on the left hand navigation panel each containing plenty of options


(9) Moodle enables you to add blog and notes which will be visible to the course participants. Moreover, administrators can also add notes, tags and events via calendar.


You can create more courses by following the same steps as explained above.

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