MojoPortal: Using the Contact Form for a Support Page

This article follows on from the previous article in the series.

One of the things my customers tell me is useful is my adding a support page to their website so they can easily log any problems or questions they have with me. I create a page that is not visible to visitors of the website, it is only visible to the website administrator(s). The page has a form that will automatically send me an email, without them even having to remember my email address. WithMojoPortal this is really easy to do.

I start by logging on as administrator and adding a new page.

I create the new page with parent as root and call it ‘support’.

On the security tab, I deselect ‘all users’ and select ‘administrators’ and ‘content administrators’

Thats all there is to making this page available only to these types of user. I now press create new page and add/remove features on this page.

First I’ll add an HTML module so I can put some explanation of how to use the page.

Then I’ll add a contact form and view the page

I now need to edit the settings for the contact form.

I’ll enter my email address. I tick the ‘use entered email as from address’ although you should note this may cause email to be tagged as spam. I also give a prefix so I can easily identify my support queries (and can use email forwarding to forward important ones to my mobile phone). As the page is only available to administrators, I could also uncheck the ‘enable spam blocking’ box.

I will also edit the HTML module to add a short explanation of how to use the Support Page.

So far in my series of articles I have not needed to setup the email properties for the site. The contact form will use the email settings for the site, so I will need to set them now. They can be added in either the web.config or user.config file. I use the user.config file because I want to keep all my specific settings out of the web.config file so that can be updated when I update to a new version of MojoPortal (there are default email settings in the web.config file but these will be overridden by settings inuser.config).

I am using a sub-domain name and email account that I haven’t yet setup on Arvixe, so I need to do that.

The subdomain I will use will be (yourdomain is a placeholder that will be different for you). Using a subdomain means I can set up as many sites as I like without having to purchase a domain name for each one. And its easy for me to switch to using the real domain name later when my customer is ready to do so.

With my web browser, I navigate to the arvixe control panel (you can use and sign in (details will have been emailed to you for user name and password). Click on ‘Domains’

Select ‘Add Domain’

Select Sub Domain

I select my domain and enter ‘restaurant’ as my sub-domain name then press add domain

That’s the sub-domain created, now I can create the mail address. I Select mail | accounts

create mail account

and then create a ‘noreply’ email account. Its not necessary to call it noreply, but that’s what I choose to use.

The support page should now be fully functional. All that remains is to test it out.

If you have any questions or queries on this or similar topics, you are welcome to post a comment, ask a question in the Arvixe MojoPortal Forum or email me.

I suggest you also refer to the excellent MojoPortal documentation and videos.

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  1. help says:

    prodigious piece keep it up.

  2. John Galt says:

    Very good work ! Keep up the coding looks promising.

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  3. Tony Carter says:

    It is a good idea to add a support page to a website. Support pages are really useful for business websites.

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