MojoPortal: Tweaking an Existing Skin

As I was posting this article, I noticed that Carol has also posted an article on skins. You only have to take a quick peek at Carol’s sites to realize she really knows what she is talking about.

Carol is using the design tool Artisteer to design and create entirely new skins. I am sure that I will be going down that avenue at some point, but for now, I just want to take an existing skin and make a few changes – for example, to add header and footer panes, change the relative pane widths, change the logo and change a few colors.

If one of the existing MojoPortal skins gives you almost what you are looking for, it is pretty straight forward to make a few minor changes. You first select from the standard skins the one that is closest to what you want. Select the skin that is closest in style rather than color, as color is relatively easy to change. You then use that as the starting point for a new skin by copying it within MojoPortal and then making the changes you require.

In this article I will guide you a step-by-step guide through the process of copying a skin within MojoPortal.

Start by signing in to your site as administrator. From the admin menu, select Administration

Select Advanced Tools

Select Design Tools

Select Cache Tool

Select Disable CSS Caching. This will allow you to see the changes that you make.

Now go back to Design Tools

Select Skin Management

Find the skin you want to use as your basis and click Manage

Type in the new name for your skin and click the Copy As button

You can now find all the skin files, including the layout.master file, in a new directory alongside the other skins

So now you have the basis of a new skin.

In my next post, I will be making the tweaks I need to complete my new skin!

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