mojoPortal Tips: Why Fonts and Colors Aren’t Included on the Editor Menu

Content management systems like mojoPortal are wonderful, especially since your customers are able to edit and update their own content. However, you’ll always have one client who wants to be able to control the colors and fonts used in their content, above and beyond what you and/or your designer, leveraging years of knowledge and experience, have allowed for in your style sheets for the site.

They’re usually very creative people, who love to use all the fonts in Word, and leverage bright colors for emphasis. Some are actually quite good at it, and you may choose (at your discretion) to give them the option to have access to greater customization options for their content.

Fast-forward two years, when they’re really ready to do a re-brand, to keep up with current web trends and styles. Easy as can be – just design a new skin, implement the new graphic elements, and you’re done – right? Not so fast…

Let’s say that your client’s previous branding was a bold color scheme, leveraging tangerine and fuschia as key colors. Now they’re going with cool earth-tones like taupe, dusty rose, and soft green colors. Well, everywhere that they decided their content needed to be tangerine, or fuschia, you’re going to have to manually update via the editor, or write some interesting updates in SQL – both of which will be incredibly time-consuming, and you’ll have a devil of a time billing the client for it.

Let’s take a step back, and decide how we can give our user more flexibility without creating more work for ourselves.

Depending on which default editor we’ve chosen, we can look at adding “custom formats” (tinyMCE, for instance) that are dependent on CSS classes we can incorporate into our theme. Your user can see these options in the existing dropdown, and use them to format the content in ways that can still be easily updated with the next skin re-design. They get their creativity, and you get one less support headache – everyone wins!


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