mojoPortal Tips: Using the Event Calendar in mojoPortal

Keeping your site visitors informed about upcoming events is a great way to engage your visitors, and keep your site traffic flowing steadily. Lucky for you, mojoPortal has a built-in Event Calendar. Let’s go over how to use it, to give your site visitors notice about events and special dates.

Let’s get started by opening up your instance of mojoPortal;

1. Log in as an administrator

2. Create a new page called “Events”.

3. Click on “Edit this Page” on the gray admin bar at the bottom of the page

4. On the feature dropdown, select “Event Calendar”

5. Enter “Event Calendar” as the title, and add it to the center content frame.

6. Now, click “View this Page” – there you’ll see your instance of the Event Calendar. Let’s have a look at the “Settings”, shall we?

7. Most of the default settings will do nicely, but feel free to change your settings and experiment.

8. Save, if you’ve changed any settings; now click “Add Event”.

9. Enter your settings here, including address to test the map functionality (fun fact: 1313 Mockingbird Lane was the address for The Munsters, a popular television family. In Dallas, TX, there’s a 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas TX, 75242 – I’ve used this as a test address for years. Thankfully, it’s an office building, so fairly innocuous for test use.)

10. Save your settings; now you’ll see your event on the calendar. To edit the event, simply click on the pencil next to the event title.

This is a great free built-in event calendar; for more robust features, like an RSS feed that can be displayed to highlight events in the Feed Manager, or the ability to sell tickets for events, look into the Event Calendar Pro at


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