mojoPortal Tips: Using mojoPortal to Improve Your Google Ranking

Recently, I contracted with a client to help them improve their Google ranking and social media presence. mojoPortal makes it incredibly easy to improve your Google search result rankings; all my client needed to do was give me their targets and keywords, and I leveraged mojoPortal’s built-in features to do the rest. Here’s how:

One of the first techniques I used for this client is one that I implemented during their initial launch – Google Webmaster Tools, and the auto-generated sitemaps from mojoPortal. Because mojoPortal’s auto-generated sitemaps are pulled in by Google on a regular basis, any new pages and content is processed by Google very rapidly – usually within 24 hours.

Why is the sitemap so important? Because that lets us leverage mojoPortal’s “friendly URL” feature. This feature allows you to create a URL for your page that contains the keywords you want Google searches to pick up on. By default, the friendly URL will auto-populate based on the page title you create for the page. However, you can manually edit the “friendly URL”, using dashes (“-“) for spaces.

After you’ve created your new page with a “friendly URL”, remember to look under your Page Settings>Meta Settings tab, and include those keywords you’ve chosen for your business, as well as a great description. Remember that you can set different keywords for each page, so that if you want certain parts of your site to focus on a given demographic, you can tailor your keywords accordingly.

Last step: remember to add your content to the page, with a title that incorporates the keywords you used in your friendly URL. Google gives more emphasis to the content title, because by default, mojoPortal places your content titles in an “<h2>” tag.  Make sure your content is relevant and natural, and not “keyword-loaded”; add links to external sites where relevant, and above all – make sure your content is of interest to your targeted market! Bad content will cause your new site visitors to bounce off quickly, thus losing your advantage you’ve created using these techniques.

How quickly will this take effect? I was able to get my client to the top place in Google search results for his chosen keywords in about 72 hours – all using the built-in tools provided by mojoPortal.


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