mojoPortal Tips: Using Membership Pro with Premium Content

One of my new mojoPortal clients plans to add premium content (videos, e-books) to her website as her business development practice grows and expands. That’s actually a very easy requirement to fulfill with mojoPortal and the Site Membership Pro plugin; let’s step through how I’ll set that up for her mojoPortal-driven site.

First of all, we’ll set up the client’s mojoPortal-driven site, and plan out what kind of exclusive content she wants to be able to offer her users. By creating free “premium” content, she can capture contact information from interested prospects, and use the Newsletter feature in mojoPortal to promote the monetized content afterwards.

Fortunately, the Site Membership Pro allows you to set any price on membership, so we can create the free premium content area as well as the monetized content as a separate membership product.

In mojoPortal, we’ll create a top-level menu link for “Premium Content”; under it, we’ll create additional pages – one for the “Free Premium Content”, and one for the “Paid Premium Content”.

After creating the pages, we’ll go to “Administration”>”Role Administration”, and create two new roles; “Free Premium Users”, and “Paid Premium Users”.

Let’s hop back to the “Free Premium Content” page; navigate to “Page Settings”, and the “Security” tab. Under “Roles who can see this page”, select the radio button for “Administrators, Content Administrators, and roles selected below are allowed.” You’ll want to select your new group, “Free Premium Users”, and click “Save”. Repeat your process for the “Paid Premium Content” and “Paid Premium Users”.

After you’ve added your content to these pages, you’ll want to give your site visitors a means to acquire their membership subscription to the content; let’s go back up to the top level page “Premium Content”, and add an instance of “Site Membership Pro”.

Now that you’ve added your instance, it’s time to configure your subscriptions. First, let’s click on “Settings”, to enter your introductory content, explaining your subscription packages, and how they’ll benefit the user. Click “Save”, then when the page refreshes, “Manage”.

Start with your “Membership Definitions”; add “Free Premium Membership”, and “Paid Premium Membership”. For each definition, you’ll select the appropriate roles, and click “Save”.

Now for “Membership Products” – under this link, click “Add New”, and enter your product information – be sure to select the proper “Membership Definition” for each product.

Your last step is to configure your site for payment processing – once this is complete, your client is ready to begin marketing their premium content!


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