mojoPortal Tips: Updating Your Artisteer 3.1 Skin for mojoPortal

I’m always delighted to see the latest improvements and enhancements in the mojoPortal CMS; however, when applying upgrades that include significant UI changes, there can be challenges with customized UI themes. Here’s some ways to make your legacy Artisteer 3.1-based skins work with the latest version of mojoPortal,

Upgrade to Artisteer 4.1

If you own a copy of Artisteer 3.x, remember that you’re entitled to free upgrades for a year.

  • Click this link to the Artisteer site, and enter your license key (open Artisteer, click File>Activation, and copy the license key) to confirm your eligibility status.
  • If you’re eligible, download the latest version of Artisteer 4.x, and update your installation.
  • Download the mojoPortal Skin Exporter Plugin (free, as of this time) and install it.
  • Open your skin that you previously created in Artisteer 3.x in Artisteer 4.x, export, and install as usual.

Depending on how much additional customization you’ve done post-Artisteer, you’ll then make the same modifications for deployment.

Manually Update Your Skin

This route’s a bit more labor-intensive, but may be faster if you’ve made extensive modification, or don’t have access to the original Artisteer files. I have several clients who have skins that are extensively modified, so manual updates are required for these.

Remember that on each release, the latest changes to the UI are listed on the “Important Skin Changes” page on Some of the most relevant changes are as follows:

Changes to layout.master:

<portal:ScriptLoader ID=”ScriptLoader1″ runat=”server” IncludeJQueryMigrate=”true” /> – this will help any legacy plugins or other jQuery-reliant functionality to be compatible with the current version of jQuery and jQueryUI.

Changes to style.css:

div.authorinfo { clear: both; }
div.authorinfo a.avatar, div.authorinfo a.avatar img, div.authorinfo img { float:left; }


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