mojoPortal Tips: Step-by-Step Addition of Downloadable Products in Web Store

One of the challenges new users of mojoPortal encounter is the precise order in which to create products that are downloadable, and how to make the downloads accessible to customers after payment has been received. Today, I’ll go through the process step-by-step.

This tutorial is written with the expectation that you’ve already added the Web Store to your mojoPortal implementation, and have already set up a payment method. We’ll begin with the Store Manager:

Caption 1: The Store Manager Menu


Click on the link entitled “Product Administration”, and then click “New Product”:

Caption 2: It's easy to miss the "New Product" link

Fill out the initial information for the product on the Settings tab (be sure to check “Show In Product List?”!), then click the “Save” button; then you’ll see an additional tab labeled “Fulfillment Type” appear:

Caption 3: Remember to hit "Save" first, or you'll never see this tab

Select “Download” as your fulfillment type, and select “Save” (you might have figured out by now that “Save” is pretty important in each of these steps). After that, the “Fulfillment Type” tab will look like this:

Caption 4: And this is where you actually add the file


This is where you’ll actually have the option to upload your file, designate your link text, and if you have a sample or teaser file, upload it as well. After you’ve done that, remember to click “Save” again!


Next, we’ll bounce back up to “Store Manager” (just follow the breadcrumb link), and select “Offer Administration”, and “New Offer”

Caption 5: Again, it's easy to miss the "New Offer" link


Fill out the items under “Settings”, and click “Save”; this will allow the “Products” tab to be revealed, so that you can associate your product with your offer.

Caption 6: Again with the "Save" thing...


Select “Add Product”; a selection screen will pop out, with a list of all the products you’ve added under “Product Administration”.  Select your downloadable product, and click “Add”; mojoPortal will detect that it’s fulfillment type is “Download”, and give you an additional dialog to select your fulfillment terms. For this exercise, simply choose the default, and click “Save”.

You have now added a downloadable product to your shopping cart – congratulations!

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