mojoPortal Tips: Review of Web Invoice Pro Plugin for mojoPortal

mojoPortal is an amazingly robust and easy-to-use content management system (CMS); the features built into the default system for free are quite powerful, and meet the needs of most users. However, some power users need more robust capabilities, expecially in a commercial context – and that’s where the premium plugins offered by Joe Audette for mojoPortal come into play. Today we’ll discuss the Web Invoice Pro plugin, and how it can help out your business clients.

What Web Invoice Pro Does For You

Simply put, the Web Invoice Pro plugin-in allows a site user with the proper permissions to send an invoice from the mojoPortal installation to any client with an e-mail address, and receive payment for the invoice through your mojoPortal-based website.  If you leverage a requirement users to register with the site before having access to this feature, you’ll provide them with the benefit of being able to see a history of their invoices and payments under their user profile, as well as being able to pull up payment history reports – a huge boon for small business operators.

Installation – Simple, As Always

After you’ve purchased your license for Web Invoice Pro ($99 at, just unzip and drop the files into the Web folder of your mojoPortal installation. Navigate to your site, and run [yoursiteurl]/setup/default.aspx.

Enabling commerce capabilities on your mojoPortal installation

First of all, you’ll need to determine which of the following you’ll want to use for your website payment processor:

Do keep under consideration that you’ll want to leverage SSL for or Paypal Website Payments Pro; for an overview of how SSL works with mojoPortal, read the article “Use SSL” on the mojoPortal site.

Once you’ve got all that set up, it’s off to the races; if you’ll look at the “Screenshots” tab here, you can see a quick overview of how it’s designed to function.

For my small business clients, the ability to automate invoice payment processing is a huge time-saver. The fact that payment history by customer is as easy as pulling up a user profile, already integrated into the mojoPortal architecture – excellent!

If I were to wish for any other features to be added to this plugin, it would be integration into the PayPal invoice system, allowing the auto-generated invoice number to be shared by both systems – but that’s something to add to the wishlist for down the road. In the meantime, this is a great addition to the mojoPortal family of products.


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