mojoPortal Tips: Review of the Site Membership Pro Plugin for mojoPortal, Part 1

Today we’ll cover the new Site Membership Pro plugin for mojoPortal. The plugin comes to us as a premium add-on from Joe Audette, chief architect and creator of the original mojoPortal project. As usual, Joe’s done a great job; we’ll cover the basic workflow, and my observations about the use of the product.

I’ve been waiting for quite some time for this plugin to be released; one of my clients has a premium training course that they would like to allow users to subscribe to on an annual basis, and this product fits the bill perfectly.

We’d already created a role for the premium training users, and configured access to the premium content to be limited to that role and the Administrator role via mojoPortal’s built-in access controls. Previously, the client had to add the subscriber to this role manually, after signing them up over the phone. Tracking subscription expiration was completely manual and hit-or-miss; with the new Site Membership Pro plugin, this is no longer an issue.

To install Site Membership Pro, all that’s required is to unzip the download into the Web folder of mojoPortal, and run the (site)/setup/default.aspx to allow the install to be completed. After that, add it to a page just like you would any other feature instance. At this point, you’ll see something like this:

When you click on the “Settings” link, you’ll see this screen:

I definitely recommend checking the option to hide the “Buy Now” button from unauthenticated users; this enforces the requirement for users to be registered before subscribing to your content.

Behind the “Manage” link, you’ll see these options:

Starting at the top, we’ll begin with “Membership Definitions”:

You’ll notice that the “Premium Training Users” role is pre-populated; mojoPortal automatically picked up the custom role I’d created previously. Create your Membership definition, and click “Save”.

For our next step, we’ll go slightly out of sequence and select Reminder Templates:

You’ll want this template to be available when you create the “Membership Product” – the subscription your user will actually purchase. After you’ve clicked “Membership Product”, you’ll see this:

This is where you can include a description of the product, the duration of the subscription, the price, the grace period, and whether or not the offer is good for new users only. It’s also worth noting the “Membership Reminders” section at the bottom of the page:

Click “Save,” and you’ve got your subscription set up!

In our next installment, we’ll cover how your users can make their purchases, and the post-purchase process.


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