mojoPortal Tips: Migrating a Site to Arvixe VPS, Wrap-Up

Well, it’s been an interesting experience to transfer our client sites from our previous hosting service to the new Arvixe VPS. Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the transition, but there are a few “gotchas” that you’ll appreciate being able to handle in advance, so that it’s a non-issue for you and your business.

One of the first “gotcha” moments occurred after I switched over my first client site to the new VPS. When you create your domain and website, you can also create mail accounts for that server. However, the domain pointer directing your user to the webmail (i.e. ‘’) isn’t automatically generated. In order to correct this, I had to log into the VPS via Remote Desktop Connection, and add a domain pointer manually to the mail server. In order to do this:

1) Log into your VPS via Remote Desktop Connection; your connection information is in the e-mail you received when your VPS was provisioned.

2) Open IIS; under “Sites”, look for the ‘mail.[your VPS domain]’ site; right-click, and select “Bindings”.

3) Click the “Add” button

4) On the next screen, enter the host name (mail.yourclientdomain) for your client’s domain, and click “OK”. Your client will now be able to access their e-mail through a personalized domain pointer.

The other “gotcha” that I ran into was deleting a website without deleting the customer; in this instance, I’d configured the customer website with a different hosting configuration, and decided to change it. Deleting the website without deleting the client created an error situation when I tried to re-add the website, and required an escalation to remove the binding on the VPS. If you’re in the initial setup, it’s really just easier to delete the client and start over from scratch.

Overall, if this is the worst that happened while transferring so many sites, I think this whole experience can be counted as an absolute success!


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