mojoPortal Tips: Managing Content Workflow, Part II

We’ll pick up where we left off in Part I: let’s set the roles for each of our users. We’ll assign J. Writer to the Content Author role, L. Editor to the Content Administrator role; now let’s see how to set up the workflow between these users.

Caption 3: Now to set up the workflow for your feature


We’ll click the “Settings” icon for the content feature for which we’re designating a workflow, as seen above. That will lead us to this screen:

Caption 4: Workflow Options


We’ll check the box for “Content Authors” under the section for “Roles that can only edit as draft”, and under “roles that can edit content”, we’ll check “Content Administrators”.  (Just so that you won’t be confused: Administrators override all this, so Administrators can step into any part of this workflow at any time.) Remember to click “Save”!

OK – here’s the big part you don’t want to overlook; even if you’re only setting workflow on a feature, you must enable workflow for the page also! If you don’t, the only role that will see the workflow controls is Administration. Got that? Excellent!  I didn’t, at first, and it drove me batty when I was working out workflows. 

Now, we’ll log in as “Author”, to add some content. Notice that the screen options are a bit different for Content Authors:

Caption 5: "Update Draft" only


Caption 6: No security tab

Once the author’s saved their content, they’ll see these options; to notify the editor that the content’s ready for review, Author will need to click the “approval request” icon, as seen below.

Caption 7: Request Approval for Content

Once the author has requested approval, all persons included in the Content Administrator role will receive an e-mail like this:

Caption 8: Request for approval

The e-mail recipient can click on the link, and either approve the content as is, edit it and approve it, or reject it, with or without a reason to be passed along to the content author.

If you’ve got a significant amount of draft content and workflows to track, it’s handy to see everything at a glance in the Administration/Content Workflow section:

Workflow Administration Overview

There’s one other nifty feature about the workflow – publishing, which is available to anyone with Edit rights.

Caption 9: Publishing

What’s so great about it? Well, in combination with a publishing calendar, this feature can allow you to create content to be published at a later point in time, for a designated timeframe.

Caption 10: Start and End Dates


mojoPortal’s built-in workflow isn’t meant for complex business processes; however, it’s a great starting point for SMB projects, and leveraged properly, can go a long way towards ensuring the quality and timeliness of your content.

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