mojoPortal Tips: Make It Go Away! (UI Cache Solutions)

When editing a layout or changing content in mojoPortal, one of the most frustrating occurrences is actually a built-in feature of mojoPortal, the UI caching. While this is great for performance on high-traffic sites, it’s a flat-out pain when it comes to editing or updating your mojoPortal skin. Here’s how to make your mojoPortal UI editing less stressful.

In the Administration section of your mojoPortal installation, click on “Advanced Tools”, then “Design Tools”, and lastly, “Cache Tool”. Under “Cache Tool”, you’ll find two options.

Disable CSS Caching – Use this option when you’re making changes that you’re not quite ready for everyone else to see.  This is ideal for when you’ve made an adjustment to test a color change or other CSS-based change.

Reset Skin Version GUID – Use this for when you’re ready for everyone to see the changes you’ve made. This is especially ideal for when you’re uploading an updated mojoPortal skin, and need to ensure that everyone is seeing the updated UI.

You’ll want to remember to re-enable the CSS caching when you’ve completed your changes, in order to optimize your site’s performance.

One other caveat; Google Chrome is especially tenacious when it comes to retaining cached information; if you’ve made a change, and can’t get Chrome to display it, try IE or FireFox to verify changes, using Ctrl-F5 to force a refresh.

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