mojoPortal Tips: How to Make Your Blog More Social-Media Friendly

Hello, everyone! While I’m working on the next article, which is a review of the Mobile Kit for mojoPortal, I thought I would take a moment and cover a subject that could stand some elaboration and illumination. That subject is the awesome Blog Module in mojoPortal.

The Blog Module is one of the free, built-in modules that comes with the standard installation of mojoPortal.  It’s integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and most recently, Google+, and it is easy to write and pre-schedule your blog articles, so that you can have a “writing day”, and schedule out your posts over the next days or weeks.

There are a number of third-party applications that will help you automate posting your blog article to social media streams; Hootsuite, TweetDeck, NetworkedBlogs – which one you use or choose depends on your unique needs.  No matter which one you use, though, there are ways to optimize your articles to make them more appealing for social media linking and feeds.

The following steps are based on the following required parameters: you have the latest version ( or later) of mojoPortal installed, you have successfully installed the Blog Module in a page on your mojoPortal installation, and you have figured out how to create a blog entry. We’ll pick up from there!

The images below show two blog articles imported from the mojoPortal blog RSS feed; notice how the one on the left isn’t formatted, and doesn’t have a thumbnail? That one won’t catch a viewer’s eye nearly as much as the one on the right, which has paragraph formatting, links and a thumbnail. Let’s go through the steps to show how to get from the left to the format on the right.

Example of an article feed that is not using an excerpt. Boring!

Example of using a crafted excerpt. Much better!








Navigate to the page you have your blog module inserted in, and click the “New Entry” link. You’ll see the tabs as below:

“Content”, of course, is where you write the actual blog article; by default, the first 250 characters are used as an excerpt in your RSS feed, or by social media such as Facebook.  However, there are times that the point of the article may take more than two or three paragraphs to become clear, so a summary will go a long way towards piquing the interest of your readers.  That is where the “Excerpt” tab comes into play:

Note the formatting in the excerpt UI

See how the formatting in the “Excerpt” window is the same as what we saw in our well-formatted feed?  That makes for a much more professional and inviting feed for anyone pulling in the RSS feed to include in their own page, or any social media page that someone wants to share your link with:

This is how your blog entry will show up on a Facebook page

This is how your blog entry will be imported to social media sites, to be more eye-catching and user-friendly. Not bad, eh?

OK, that’s all for now – back to testing the Mobile Kit for mojoPortal – see you soon with the review!

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