mojoPortal Tips: How to Dynamically Create Logical Navigation

There are times you’ll want to be able to create “logical navigation” for your website; that is to say, a top-level navigation element that helps to group a number of sub-elements. For instance, you may have a top-level navigation labeled “Product Categories”, with sub-level items for each item category you carry. In many cases, it’s redundant and unnecessary to create an actual page for your top-level navigation that contains content. In mojoPortal, there’s an easy way to create your top-level logical navigation.

Here are the steps required to enable your logical navigation in mojoPortal:

1) Open the folder for the skin you intend to use for your mojoPortal instance.

2) Open the file “layout.master”, and locate the following line:

<portal:StyleSheetCombiner id="StyleSheetCombiner" runat="server" JQueryUIThemeName="eggplant" UseIconsForAdminLinks="false" />

3) Change the line to read like this (note the part in bold characters):

<portal:StyleSheetCombiner id="StyleSheetCombiner" runat="server" JQueryUIThemeName="eggplant" UseIconsForAdminLinks="false" EnableNonClickablePageLinks="true" />

4) Save the change you’ve made to the file, and reload the mojoPortal instance in your browser.

5) Log into the site as an administrator, and click on “Create New Page” to create your top-level  logical navigation.

6) Label the page title as you wish it to appear on your navigation; directly below the “skin” selection dropdown, you’ll see a checkbox with the label “Is Clickable?”

7) Uncheck the “Is Clickable” box, and click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

You should now see the new logical navigation element on your navigation menu bar. For your navigation submenu items, simply create as many pages as needed, and select the page corresponding to your logical navigation element as the parent.

You can do this on as many levels as needed; if you find you’ve made the change in error, you can still access the page settings through Add/Edit pages in the Administration section.

It’s a clean, simple and easy way to improve the usability of your site, and allow your users better access to your site’s content.

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