mojoPortal Tips: How to Configure SSL in mojoPortal

The fact that mojoPortal is a great CMS (content management system) doesn’t mean that it doesn’t also provide great e-commerce solutions, or the ability to store sensitive content. One of the best ways to ensure the security of your content or e-commerce transactions is to have an SSL (secure socket layer) certificate installed on your website. Let’s cover how to do that, and how to configure mojoPortal to utilize it.

Why is SSL Important?

The reason having an SSL certificate is important is that SSL is the means by which your customer’s personal information is encrypted while they’re sending it from their computer to your server.

An SSL certificate also assures your users that they’re sending their secure information to the right server. If the SSL certificate isn’t valid, or has the wrong domain name on it, your user’s browser will detect the discrepancy and alert the user that they may be sending their information insecurely.

You can get an SSL certificate for your site from many reliable providers; you may prefer to acquire one directly from your hosting provider, in order to let them install it for you with minimal hassle. Arvixe provides SSL certificates for its costumers!

To get an Arvixe SSL certificate, send an email to with the following information:

Arvixe username:
Host to make cert for: (usually or
Country (2 letter abbreviation):
Company Name:
Company Division:

Once you’ve gone through the steps to have your SSL certificate installed, you’re ready to access the web.config, and update the following line:

<add key="SSLIsAvailable" value="false"/>


<add key="SSLIsAvailable" value="true"/>

Once this update is complete, you’ll also see new options on the Page Settings for your mojoPortal instance. This allows you to select SSL activation for specific pages of the website, which is handy if you want to force SSL on a more granular level. If you want to enforce SSL encryption on all pages (not usually recommended, for performance reasons), you can select the option under “Site Settings”.


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