mojoPortal Tips: How to Add Scrolling Blog Highlights to Your Front Page

Hello! In today’s post, we are going to touch on how to add a bit of snazziness to the front page of your mojoPortal website, using the built-in Feed Manager module.

Log into your website as an administrator; on the admin bar, click on “Edit this Page”.  In the Page Content Layout section, click the “Feature” dropdown at the top and select “Feed Manager”; add it to whichever Pane you will want to contain your scroller.

Caption 1: Selecting the Feed Manager

After you have added the Feed Manager, click on “View This Page”, to finish configuring your feed settings.

Under the feature “settings” (the wrench), you will find this screen:

Caption 2: Enable Scroller (highlighted)

I usually leave the rest of the blocks unchecked; I let the outbound feed from my blog handle the formatting. Now to integrate your blog RSS.

Save your settings, and then click the pencil icon to add your blog RSS.

Caption 3: Edit Feed

You can see here that I have already added my feed; the feed manager will allow you to add multiple feeds, so if you are planning to have a “latest news” scroller instead, it is just as easy to set up.

If you are not familiar with optimizing your blog RSS feed, refer to my article “mojoPortal Tips: How to Make Your Blog More Social-Media Friendly” – with clean formatting, and an eye-catching thumbnail image, you will find that you have got a great way to get your reader’s attention, and present more information in less space.

One of the other advantages of using this technique is that as your blog content is updated, the excerpt displayed on the front page is also updated, which helps your search engine rankings (frequently updated sites are assigned a higher ranking in Google, for instance).

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Carole Bennett

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9 Comments on mojoPortal Tips: How to Add Scrolling Blog Highlights to Your Front Page

  1. Radix complement your blog is as good I pulls the hat

  2. Shruti says:


    I am a newbie to mojoportal and creating my first website in it.
    I have created a page say “Page A” in mojoportal with Content as Blog.
    Please tell me where I have to mention in FeedManager Settings that it should take content from my “Page A”.


    • If Page “A” contains your blog, then you’ll need a page “B” that has the Feed Manager added. Click on the “Add/Edit” icon, and add the RSS URL from your blog to the “Feed URL” field. Add a site URL and Title, and “Save”. Now you’ve got a feed from your blog in your Feed Manager. Use the “Settings” to control how your feed is presented.

  3. Shruti says:

    Hi Carole,
    I created Feed Manager using above steps.
    Thanks alot. It was very simple.

    Just 1 more doubt, how to show excerpt of a blog post in the Feed Manager.
    Currently in the Feed Manager, it is showing the entire post.

  4. Shruti says:

    Hi Carole,
    Thanks a lot for your help.

    I created the following website, but still having many issues to solve in it:

    Some issues in the website are:
    1) SiteTitle is displayed above banner, but I am not able to remove it
    2) I have chosen Green Lagoon as skin, but on all pages for HtmlContent, I cannot see the background panel with images for heading and content, it just appears as white background.

    I would really appreciate if u could have a look at my website and give your suggestions.
    If u are busy, no problem, please suggest anyone from whom I can get help through email / website to sort out all the issues in my website regarding mojoportal.

  5. Shruti,

    Your site’s coming along well. To remedy the title issue, find this tag in your layout.master: “portal:SiteTitle”

    Remove the tag, and you’ll be rid of the title in the middle of your header.

    Which version of mojoPortal have you currently installed? You may need to update your skin to be compatible, if you’ve added the most recent update.

  6. Shruti says:

    Hi Carole,
    Thanks alot. Removed the title finally….

    I am using Mojoportal 3.5 & Microsoft Visual Web Express 2010.
    I was facing deployment problems while making the website live.
    In my local environment, the website looks proper but on live, it is not showing the background panel with images for heading and content.
    I think I must be missing something while deploying website.

    I wanted to reduce the space between menu items, how to do that?
    I have added Contact Us page, but after login another menu item is displayed for authenticated users so this menu item is then displayed below Home Menu link.

  7. Hmmm…I’m hoping you meant .Net 3.5, as the current version of mojoPortal is

    Check your image paths; it sounds like your images aren’t pointing to the right folder in your CSS or layout.master

    You can adjust the menu item spacing in your CSS; to get a better idea of what will work best, I highly recommend using FireBug to view your layout, and make adjustments in the CSS panel of Firebug until you have the results you’re happy with. Copy the CSS out of the panel into the appropriate CSS file, and you’re set.

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