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One of the things I love most about using mojoPortal, is that when a feature might work better when formatted differently, or presented in a different spot, Joe Audette and his team are aces at implementing changes for improving the product. The latest feature to get this attention is the Blog feature on mojoPortal. Here’s a sneak preview of what’s in store.

After last month’s post on the new multi-author capabilities of the mojoPortal blog feature, I asked some questions about additional functionality on the mojoPortal forum. This led to Joe Audette, the lead architect, making some usability improvements to the blog. These improvements will be rolled out in the next version, but are currently available for download on the Codeplex site.

Here’s a screenshot of the new elements:


Some of these have already been available as part of the blog settings, but not on a per-post basis. This is a huge step in customization – let’s touch on some of the new options that will be available on a per-post basis:

  • Include In Search Index? – I can’t imagine not wanting your content to be searchable, but selecting the option will ensure that your content shows up in site search results.
  • Include in Google Site Map? – You may include blog post content that you don’t want to skew your Google search results; for instance, if you’re writing about a client who’s an automotive shop, you may not want “automotive shop” to be a key phrase related to your site.
  • Show Author Name?/Show Author Photo/Avatar?/Show Author Biography? – This is a big plus for bloggers who only have occasional guest posts – not enough to create their own login/profile, but often enough that it’s beneficial to hide the primary blogger’s bio, so that the guest post can contain the needed bio information instead.

The mojoPortal CMS has come such a long way since I started using it; I’m constantly impressed with the increasing sophistication of its’ features, and I’m always looking forward to the new functionality that’s introduced.


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