mojoPortal Tips: Customizing Your Menu Items by Page

mojoPortal sites are capable of displaying a wide array of template designs; however, highlighting one specific menu item (a “Home” element) for instance isn’t a built-in feature of most themes. However, with very little extra coding, you can create page-specific menu elements on your mojoPortal-based navigation menu – here’s how.

The preface to this is that you’re comfortable with basic CSS, and have access to the theme/skin being used by your mojoPortal instance. Even if you don’t have FTP access (using an application such as Filezilla), you can still access your CSS files via the administration section of your website.

Log into your mojoPortal-based site as an administrator, and access the “Administration” section; Click on the “Advanced Tools” icon, then the “Design Tools” icon; finally, “Skin Management”, and the word “Manage” next to the active theme/skin. Finally, click the link for the file  “style-artisteer-overrides.css”.

It’s usually a safe bet to add additional classes to the file “style-artisteer-overrides.css”; it’s easier to find the additional classes, and it’ll override any other classes set for that area.

Let’s add this class:

{background-color: red;}

and click “Save”.

You may find it necessary to clear the CSS from cache; in order to do this, go to “Administration”/”Advanced Tools”/”Design Tools”/”Cache Tool”, and click “Reset Skin Version Guid”.

Now let’s go to the “Home” page, and click “Edit Page Settings” on the admin bar. Scroll down to the field labeled “Custom Menu CSS Class”, and enter ‘bkgHome’. Click “Save”. Notice how the background for the “Home” link is now red? You could just as easily have changed the font color, added a background image, or whatever else works for your design.


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