mojoPortal Tips: Creating a Custom Skin, Part 4

In today’s post, we’ll cover how to get your custom skin and contents to your staging/live server for review.

Before we begin, it’s a good idea to review “Pre-Configuring Content in mojoPortal” – this is one of the big helpers for getting a robust “live template” deployed to a different environment, without undue stress and headache.

Uploading the skin is fairly straightforward, but if you’re like most designers, your design doesn’t stop at the header and footer. On your local mojoPortal instance, lay out all your features as you want them to appear on the live site; you can use lorem ipsum content, if it’s easier for you at this stage, or you don’t have the final content as supplied by the client.

(Please note: this section is safest on a site that has not yet been launched as a “live” site; if you have a pre-existing site, test this step on a lab environment first).

Apply all your custom classes, insert any custom jQuery sliders, features or special effects you intend to deploy. Once this is done, go to sitemap.aspx, and using the steps outlined in “Pre-Configuring Content in mojoPortal”, create your config files, and any accompanying .sql data to update the site. (to use the .config files, it’s presumed you don’t already have existing content; if you do have existing content, you will have some overlap that will need to be sorted out manually)

Create an empty folder, and build out a skeleton structure as you see in your local mojoPortal instance for config files, and add them in accordingly. Create a folder structure for data/sites/[live site number]/skins, and add your template folder there from your local instance. Do the same for your “ClientScript” folder, and copy in any of your unique jQuery/JavaScript folders with their contents.

You now have a live template that can be deployed to a staging/live environment. Upload to the appropriate “web” folder, and when prompted, allow folders to be merged. Log into your new mojoPortal instance, run setup/default.aspx, as well as your .sql file. Go to your home page, and your new skin will be deployed, and your design implemented. Now go have a nice meal, and relax – you deserve it!


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