mojoPortal Tips: Connecting Your mojoPortal Blog to Your Social Media

Unlike blogging platforms that require plugins to support other functionality, mojoPortal is a robust content management system that has a robust blog feature built into it “right out of the box”. If you’re leveraging your blog feature in mojoPortal to reach out to your customers, co-workers or other target market, you’ll want to make sure you optimize your reach as much as possible, while managing your time wisely. Let’s cover how to make that happen with the mojoPortal blog and two favorite social media outlets, Facebook & Twitter.

If you’ve already created your mojoPortal blog, you’ll see an icon at the top right of the feature:

RSS Feed Icon

Click on the orange “RSS” icon, and you’ll be taken to your RSS feed; be sure to save that URL, as it’ll be very important shortly.

At this point, we’ll be working on the assumption that you already have a Facebook Page and Twitter account; if not, take the time to create them, and then pick up here.

Getting Social

Previously, Facebook allowed a means of adding RSS feeds directly to a Facebook Page via the Notes section; however, that’s recently been discontinued. Instead, we’ll go with another free app built into Facebook, which is Networked Blogs.  This is a free service, and will only take a few moments to set up.

1. First, we’ll register your blog. Go to the Networked Blogs site or app on Facebook and click the link at top that says “Register a Blog”.  Follow the steps as outlined: you’ll be adding both the URL of your blog page (this is where Networked Blogs pulls the default screenshot), and the RSS feed URL that we located previously.  The last step is to prove you’re the “author” of the page; the quickest way is as follows:

a. Copy the source code offered for the Networked Blogs code

b. Navigate to the “Settings” for your blog feature

c. Open “Extra Sidebar Content”, click “Source” for the top frame (or bottom, if you already have content at the top), and paste in the code from the Networked blogs site.

d. Click the “verify” button on the Networked Blogs page.

2.  Now that you’ve verified that you’re the author, you’ll see a link at the top of the Networked Blogs page that says “Blogger Dashboard”. Click that link.

3. At this point, you should see your registered blog on the dashboard page. At the bottom of that entry, you’ll see a link labeled “Add to Facebook Page”, next to “Publish”.  Click “Add to Facebook Page”.

4. You’ll then see a pop-up, with a drop-down that will show you your Facebook Page, and a button that says “Add Page Tab”. Select your page, and click the button. You’ve now added your blog as a tab to your Facebook Page, and your new blog posts will be automatically posted on your page.

Oh, wait – we did mention Twitter as well, didn’t we? Well, that’s an easy addition, as you’ll see in these steps.

1) Click “Edit Page” at the top of your Facebook Page

2) On the left side, click “Resources”

3) Now, click “Link Your Page to Twitter”

4) Select your page on the next screen

5) Authorize Facebook to post to your Twitter account.

Now, whenever you post a new blog article, Networked Blogs will post it to your Facebook Page, and Facebook will post it to Twitter. Brilliant, isn’t it?


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