mojoPortal Tips: 5 Most Frequent “Gotcha!” Install Moments

mojoPortal is a great content management system, and for the most part, really easy to install and configure. However, there are certain scenarios that happen so frequently, that they deserve their own “Top 5” list. Let’s cover them, and explain how to get past them.

1. Folder permissionsthe first trip point after uploading your mojoPortal files is remembering to set permissions on the /data folder. Make sure you set it recursively, as there are several important folders that mojoPortal will need to be able to write content to.

2. Database creation – mojoPortal looks for an existing database to install scripts to; that means you’ll need to create a database using your preferred version (MSSQL is default, but MySQL and others are supported).

3. Framework version – it’s not uncommon for providers to still have 2.0 as their default .Net framework when a site is installed; always double-check to make sure your site supports .Net Framework 4.0

4.  Connection strings – when you upload your files from your local instance, you may not remember to change your connection string to reflect your new environment. Check your recommended settings from your hosting provider: some prefer IP address to be used, others are OK with a URL or even localhost, depending on configuration.

5. Incomplete uploads –  there are a lot of files that have to be uploaded in order to make mojoPortal run; it’s not unheard of for an FTP program to drop a crucial file, or corrupt the upload. If your setup gets an odd error message that indicates that it can’t find something, check your first 4 items, then try re-uploading your mojoPortal deployment files. If you’d like to avoid having to go through the whole process, try starting with your web.config and /bin files.

Thankfully, these are all very simple to fix, and won’t take much time to do so. The next time you do a mojoPortal install, refer to this list, and you should have a smooth experience.


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