mojoPortal Skins – 40 stock + Artisteer = unlimited

MojoPortal CMS works great.  It also looks great.  It comes with over 40 stock skins to change the style, theme, look, feel, color and more of your Web Site.  In Administrator > Site Setting, it not only allows you to change your Web Site skin,  it also as has a skin Preview/Browse feature which allows you to see all the skins without changing your Web Site.  See below.

The Secret is out.
This year (March 2010) MojoPortal made it
possible for people to have unlimited skins.

That’s right.  Unlimited.  In March 2010, Joe Audette from mojoPortal created a simple process for mojoPortal CMS to be compatible with all skins produced by Artisteer.  Visit the Artisteer Web Site here.

Instructions for converting any Artisteer skin and installing it for use in mojoPortal is here.

I am a registered user of Artisteer and without a word of a lie.  I can create about 60 different Web Site skins in one hour.  While that boasting statement is true, it merely shows how fast the Artisteer random skinning engine  is.  In reality when I create an Artisteer skin for mojoPortal, I will typically adjust and play with it in Artisteer for about an hour selecting the background, layout, side bars, colors, header, footer, menu, fonts, etc.  I created and use Artisteer skins on 5 of my mojoPortal Web Sites and I spent about one hour on each.

Artisteer makes and exports to Blogger, Joomla, WordPress and other CMS products or plain HTML Web Sites.

At $49.05 for the Home & Academic Edition
$129.95 for the Standard Edition
Artisteer more than pays for itself creating one skin.

I can hardly wait for the new V 3.0 which should be available by year end.

Once you get into changing your Web Site skins, at some point you will want to change or tweak something or possibly create your own skins.  If this happens it may be time to go to school and learn some new fun skills.  MojoPortal has a huge amount of documentation on “Creating skins” here.  There is a lot of information there.  There are also dozens of books on HTML and CSS.  CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.  At minimum and to see if CSS interests you, I suggest you read this short article by Joe Audette from mojoPortal called “CSS – Its All About Understanding Selectors” here.  Last but not least, the mojoPortal Forum has a section called “Help with Skins”.  Check it out here.  I have used the skins section of the forum and am amazed at the help I have received.

Let me close this blog  by saying: With  Arvixe, mojoPortal, Artisteer and a little CSS,  a World Class Web Site is affordable, easy to build and in the reach of everyone from the home Blogger to large Corporations.

Visit the Artisteer Web Site here.

Take Care and Happy Hosting

Rick Hubka

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