MojoPortal: Linking to Facebook part two

This article builds on the previous article in the series. In this article I will go through the steps involved in obtaining code for a facebook badge and adding it to your MojoPortal website. So, now I have a facebook page I want to link to from my MojoPortal website.

First, go to




I click on Page Badge.

I click on ‘edit this badge’

I select the options that best suit my website and press save.

Then select the Other button.

That then creates an edit box of code I can copy and paste into MojoPortal. So I copy this code then go to my Mojo website and edit the page I want to show my new Facebook Badge.

I create a new HTML feature, then view the page and edit the HTML content.

You need to make sure the editor is in source mode, then paste in the code from Facebook. Make sure you have the Facebook Badge Start and End comments otherwise you might be missing some code. Press the source button to toggle out of source view and you should see your badge.

I don’t really want the ‘promote your page too’ link, so I’ll go back into source mode and cut that bit out.

And then click Update to save my changes.

I’ve also used the like badges to create facebook links to other sites. I find it best to do a bit of editing of the badge code to create a composite link from two or more badges.

If you have any questions or queries on this or similar topics, you are welcome to post a comment, ask a question in the Arvixe MojoPortal Forum or email me.


I suggest you also refer to the excellent MojoPortal documentation and videos.


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  1. Briggs says:

    this tutorial still works! thanks

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