MojoPortal: Linking to Facebook I: Creating a Fan Page

In this article I’m going to add some Facebook support to my website. As usual, I will be using the website I have built up from scratch in my previous posts. Before I can link in to facebook, I need to create a facebook page to link into, so that’s what I’ll explore in this article. I already have a personal facebook page, so I start by signing in to that and going to the create a page site.


I fill in the information and press ‘Get Started’, then follow the prompts.

Note: I had a little trouble with the City/County field. This has to be a recognized value. Database entries for where I live are quite often varying or not there, so I had to try a few times before I found a value that was accepted.

I used the ‘Upload an image’ link to choose an image from my computer, and pressed the continue button.

Because mine is just a demo, I unticked all the ‘get fans’ options, but – as you can see – the Facebook wizard makes it easy to get your page sent out to contacts you may already have built up on Facebook.

Next you add some basic info.

And then you have a Facebook page.


Now let’s continue to Part 2.

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I suggest you also refer to the excellent MojoPortal documentation and videos.

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