mojoPortal 201: Using MegaGallery for mojoPortal

mojoPortal is a robust, full-featured CMS (Content Management System); it’s a featured app in the Windows Web App Gallery, and powers thousands of websites. It comes with a wide range of built-in functionality: forums, blogs, surveys, version control and workflow, and multimedia support. But one of the best reasons to use mojoPortal is the support for plugins that leverage the built-in properties of mojoPortal, and allow extended functionality to be added on to an existing mojoPortal-based site. Today, we’ll cover one of the newest plugins, the MegaGallery plugin by IndigoTea.

MegaGallery is an alternative to the built-in Image Gallery that’s bundled into mojoPortal.  While the built-in Image Gallery is a great way to display images, it does have some limitations. MegaGallery allows an unlimited number of galleries and albums to be displayed on a single page, as well as allowing friendly URLs to be created for each album. Because it leverages jCarousel and Gallerific, both jQuery-based, the display can be adjusted via CSS. The slideshow isn’t dependent on Silverlight, allowing users to view it without the need for additional plugins.

To explain how the MegaGallery works, we’ll step through the parts of the process of using MegaGallery to display images.

Adding A MegaGallery to Your Page

Once the MegaGallery plugin has been installed to your mojoPortal instance, you’ll be able to see it in the page Feature Content drop-down. Select MegaGallery and click the “Create New Content” button; this will add an instance of the MegaGallery to the page.

Creating An Album

On the next screen, you’ll see the following fields; this is where you’ll have the option to set up your content details, including the “friendly URL” for the album itself, and a custom watermark image.

Click “Save”, and your album is ready to load up as many images as you like.

Adding Images

You’ll see that you’ll have the option to upload a single image, or bulk upload through the “Express Upload” link. After you’ve added images, you’ll see all the auto-generated thumbnails in the carousel at the bottom of the admin – just click on the thumbnail to access the image editor.

The section of the photo that’s selected by the auto-thumbnail algorithm may not always be the most recognizable part of the image; the built-in cropping feature allows you to re-select the thumbnail for better results.

They say every picture tells a story, but there are times you want to include a story with your picture; this part of the image editing screen will allow you to add as much information as you like – no 100-character caption limitations!

Now that you’ve uploaded all your images, you’ll have a great gallery to display all your photos, in an easy-to-navigate format.


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Carole Bennett

Carole Bennett is the founder and principal of IndigoTea. As a professional IT consultant, Carole has provided solutions for companies as diverse as Verizon, Frito-Lay, Capital One Auto Finance, and Zales Jewelers, parlaying a unique talent for acting as a translator between the worlds of business challenges and technology solutions. She considers multi-tasking skills gained from simultaneously 1) managing a fire performance troupe, 2) raising a family, and 3) working as a full-time IT consultant excellent preparation for her current career incarnation as the driving force behind IndigoTea. "Fire-breathing redhead on a mission" is not just a metaphorical description!

2 Comments on mojoPortal 201: Using MegaGallery for mojoPortal

  1. Joe Vago says:

    I bought your MegaGallery – and it is a worthy improvement over the the basic Mojoportal gallery module.

    Regarding the bulk upload – Im wondering if I am missing something as I can only upload 1 file at a time. I have the site on Arivxe and Im using the full trust web.config.

    What am I missing?

    • Thank you! The “Express Upload” link will allow you to upload many images at once; you can go back in after the bulk upload to adjust thumbnails, add more detailed information, etc.

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