mojoPortal 101: Adding and Editing Content

mojoPortal is a terrific CMS (content management system); one of the best things that a CMS has to offer is the ability to allow users to edit their own content, without the need to possess advanced HTML skills.  Editing your own content in mojoPortal is quick and easy!

We’ll go through the steps to demonstrate how to edit content in mojoPortal, including how to add images to your content. This tutorial requires that you have a working instance of mojoPortal, and are logged into the website as a use with access rights to edit content (check with your web administrator to make sure).

First, we’ll go over the steps to add new content to a page. Once you’re logged into your site, you’ll see an administration menu at the bottom of the page; click on “Edit This Page”.

Caption 1: Edit This Page

You’ll then see a menu that appears like the image below. The two most important elements are the top drop-down; you’ll select “HTML Content”, enter a title, and then select the region of the page you want the new content to appear in. For this exercise, we’ll leave it at the default, which is “Center”. Now click “Create New Content”. To see how it’ll appear, click the “View This Page” link at the top of the page.

Caption 2: Adding an HTML Instance

Aha! Here’s our new HTML Content instance. Ready to add some content? Click the pencil icon, as you see it here.

Caption 3: And now to edit the content...

And, now you’ll see a content pane much like most word processing or e-mail programs.

Caption 4: Editing Content

It’s very easy to add content here; you’ll recognize the standard formatting menu above the text box. Depending on how your site’s skin has been designed, your text here may not appear exactly as it will on the page; it doesn’t hurt to save, and view it in the page periodically to make sure it looks as you expect.

One of the things I’m asked most frequently is “How do I add a picture?” It’s really very straightforward: click on the Image icon, as seen in the illustration below.

Caption 5: The Image icon

Once you’ve clicked on the icon, you’ll see a dialog allowing you to browse for an image, and format the image to be included. Just follow the steps, and it’s right there with your content!

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