Modifying Themes with BlogEngine

Themes are used to change the appearance of your blog. By default, BlogEngine.NET includes several themes which you can make use of for your blog.

In order to modify the appearance of your blog theme, you should follow the steps given below

(1) Login to BlogEngine dashboard

(2) Select Customize option located on the navigation bar

(3) Select Themes option from the displayed page

(4) You will view the theme currently used on your blog under the section – Active themes


(5) You will be able to view the themes which are available for usage under the section – Available


(6) Select Set as current theme option located under the snapshot of each theme to activate the relevant theme. Moreover, the Preview option enables you to view a glimpse of the theme which you are going to activate.

(7) Your blog will be modified to new theme immediately upon selection of a theme.

(8) If you click the Gallery link you will be able to view huge number of third party themes available for installation. As you will be able to see, the themes will be scattered across various pages. You will be able to navigate faster since the pages are Ajax enabled.

The selected theme will be installed upon selecting Install link and the whole process is fast and Ajax enabled. You should note that the theme will only be installed. However, you have to activate it by going back to installed themes section as discussed above.

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