Modify Administrator Password in BlogEngine.NET

The default administrator username and password is not secured. Hence, you should modify the password soon after installation. However, you cannot modify admin password directly as there is no such option available in BlogEngine. The only way is to create a new user, assign required rights and then disable access for the default user – admin.

Follow the steps given below:

(1) Login to BlogEngine dashboard

(2) Select Users option from the top toolbar

(3) Select Add New User from the top right hand side


(4) Provide the required information on the displayed dialog and select the required roles. In this case, you have to select the option – Administrators so that the user will have the required privileges to draft/edit content in addition to other tasks.


(5) You will be able to view the newly created user inside the Users panel.

(6) We have now created a new user with administrator rights. The next step is to disable access to default user which is – Admin

(7) Select the Tools drop down located on the Admin row and select Profile option

(8) Uncheck Administrators, Editors options located on the Roles section and select Save Profile button.


(9) You can also safely delete the default user named – Admin

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