Moderating Comments with BlogEngine

Comments are an excellent way to gather opinions and suggestions from readers regarding the published blog posts. By default, all comments needs to be approved by the site administrator before it becomes visible publicly.

In order to moderate a comment, you should publish a comment to already published blog post.


In the above screenshot, you can see an option which enables you to receive automatic notifications as soon as a reply has been posted for this comment. You will also get notifications when other readers submit comments.

As soon a comment is posted, you will view the following message

Thank you for the feedback. The comment is now awaiting moderation

The above message means that the comment is scheduled for approval by the site administrator.

In order to moderate comments, you should follow the steps mentioned below

(1) Login to BlogEngine dashboard

(2) You will be able to view the comment we posted under the section – Recent pending comments

(3) You can either select View All link to moderate it or select Comments option from the navigation bar located on the top of the dashboard.

(4) Select Comments option from the navigation panel

(5) You will view a new page with the caption – Approved Comments and three options on the right side.


(6) Select Pending option

(7) A new page will be displayed with the caption – Comments will be pending administrator’s approval


(8) In order to approve the comment, click the checkbox and select button with the caption – Approve selected

(9) The approved comment will be immediately transferred to Approved section.

(10) You can also reject and delete approved comments by selecting the Approved link located on the right hand side.


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