How to Add MIME Types in WebSitePanel

Applied on : WebSitePanel (Windows) Hosting

The MIME is used in Internet communications to transmit documents of varying formats. It is used by World Wide Web (WWW) Servers to identify the types of files they send to WWW Clients.

When you click the “Website” Link and see the Website Properties Page by clicking on a website, you can see a tab named “MIME Types”. Use this tab to customize Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) types. MIME is a specification for creating file formats to be used in the exchange of e-mail, web documents, and other applications on intranets and on the internet. Each MIME format includes a MIME content type (“MIME type”) and subtype which denotes the kind of data stored in the file. IIS includes a table of the most common Web-related MIME types/subtypes and associated file name extensions. If IIS does not have MIME information for a MIME-formatted file that you download, then IIS will attach a default MIME identity to that file. As a result, the client receiving the file may misinterpret its contents. You can manually add MIME types, subtypes, and file name extensions to IIS for files whose MIME identity is not in the table.

Step 1. Open the Web Site Properties page by clicking the website name under the “Website” Link

Step 2. Select the MIME Types tab and click the Add MIME Type button. A new record will be added at the end of the MIME types list.

Step 3. Type the file name extension and a valid MIME type in the Extension and MIME-Type boxes.

Step 4. Click Update button.

To delete an existing MIME type, just click the X button and then click the Update button

This concludes how to add MIME types in WebSitePanel.

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